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Rhenus Port Logistics Rotterdam is connected to many ports worldwide via deep sea & short sea connections. Via the regular (break)bulk shipping lines we are connected to England, Scandinavia, the Iberian Peninsula, the Caribs, Canada, Russia and the Baltic States.

In close cooperation with their agents we always do our utmost to service on a high level of flexibility as needed to run breakbulk & heavy lift cargo projects smoothly for full loads and part cargoes.

Nirint Shipping

Nirint Shipping is a Dutch multi-purpose cargo carrier that ships breakbulk and dry bulk cargoes, containerized cargoes and heavy lifts. The regular services to, South America and the Caribbean operate from out of the Rhenus Deep Sea Terminal at the Maasvlakte. Nirint has sales offices in Rotterdam, Antwerp, Bilbao, Caracas, Montreal and Beijing.

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BBC Chartering

The Rhenus Deep Sea Terminal is the carriers berth for BBC Chartering in Rotterdam. Bookings can be done via their agent Multi Marine.

BBC Chartering is a global project carrier, a world leader in the ocean carriage of heavy lift and project cargoes. BBC has a fleet of currently 170 multi-purpose and heavy lift vessels. Our global organization helps charterers to plan and execute transport assignments on tramp, affreightment or liner services around the world. The BBC Chartering fleet portfolio ranges from 3,500 to 37,300dwat and features lifting capacities up to 900mt.

Brointermed Lines

BroIntermed is an Italian multi-purpose cargo carrier. The regular services from Italy call our Rhenus Deep Sea Terminal at the Maasvlakte where we load cargo back to Libya and North Africa on inducement. Hugo Trumpy acts as commercial agents for inquiries. 


Longship, with roots in the Netherlands and Norway, was founded in 2009 and since then has developed into a well-established name in the shipping industry with renowned international industrial companies and charterers as long-term customers. Currently, Longship is the commercial manager of 34 vessels varying in size between 3,000 and 20,000 T DWT. The fleet continues to grow steadily. 

Rhenus Maritime Services

Rhenus Maritime Services (RMS) is a shipping company operating short sea traffic routes across Europe and it focuses on providing sea/river services. At present the company transports on its fleet of 15 own and 63 chartered coasters. The shipments include steel, paper, wood, containers, project consignments and heavy goods, but the company also handles bulk cargo, pipes, hazardous goods or garbage. The company mainly operates on routes to England, Scandinavia, the Iberian Peninsula, Russia and the Baltic States. For inquiries please contact:


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