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The Jack-Up Barge JB-115 is a self-elevating ship that is built in 2009. The JB-115 is equipped with 80 meter long legs, has a payload of 1,250 mtons and a PC 300 offshore pedestal crane with a capacity of 300 tons, enough to lift the weight of 50 elephants.

Jack-Up platform ships like the JB-115 are built for the offshore industry. Originally suitable for the construction of the first Offshore Wind Farms but because of the rapidly growing sizes of turbines, monopiles and towers jack-up platform ships are currently mainly used as accommodation vessel for the commissioning of top sides and offshore maintenance.

When the jackets are lowered to the seabed the platform lifts itself up above the water. The advantage of such a jack-up above normal ships is that these stand very stable. The disadvantage is that they can only work in places that are not too deep, such as the North-Sea and coastal waters


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