Nirint: a versatile shipping line

The Rhenus Deep Sea Terminal at the Rotterdam Maasvlakte is a multi-purpose terminal where we handle any kind of cargo. With our heavy lift harbor mobile cranes we handle standard breakbulk such as crates, bags, steel coils, paper, aluminium etc. but also exceptional pieces of project cargo weighing up to 150 MT.

The possibility to load and/or unload dry bulk cargoes at the same quay as the breakbulk and heavy lifts provide shipping companies with maximum flexibility to import or export any mix of cargo to and from Rotterdam.

A good example of this flexible approach of cargo mix is the Nirint Shipping liner service with a bi-weekly call at the Rhenus Deep Sea Terminal. Nirint shipping offers shipping solutions for containers, breakbulk, project cargo and bulk cargo with a fixed liner service every 14 days between the Baltic Sea, the Continent, the Caribbean and the East Coast Canada.

In this movie you can see the dry bulk, breakbulk, containers & project cargo mix being handled at the our deep sea terminal in Rotterdam.


Sander Klapwijk
Head of Sales

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