Rhenus Logistics B.V. collaborates Bonn & Mees Drijvende Bokken BV

Last week, Rhenus Logistics B.V. worked together with Bonn & Mees Drijvende Bokken BV on an exciting project. With the help of their gigantic floating crane “the Matador”, discharged 2 Azipods weighing over 252 tons onto the spacious quay of the Rhenus Logistics B.V. Deep Sea Terminal.

An Azipod is a marine propulsion unit consisting of a fixed pitch propeller mounted on a steerable gondola. This means that this project had to be carried out with utmost precision. Rhenus Logistics B.V. would like to thank Bonn & Mees Drijvende Bokken BV for the great cooperation during this project!



Vanessa Pieters
HR Manager

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