That boat, is going to float: Super Servant

Our terminal at the Waalhaven in Rotterdam received the Super Servant 4. A heavy lift and yacht carrier, which is semi-submersible, has a length of almost 170mtr and operates since 1982 under Curacao flag.

The Super Servant 4, (formerly owned by Dockwise Yacht Transport and now part of Sevenstar, a subsidiary of the Spliethoff Group), is mainly used in transporting (multiple) yachts around the globe. The company has a fleet of several semi-submersible ships to give clients access to many major shipping ports. In some occasions it carries over 30 yachts. This vessel offers float-on and float-off transportation services, where yachts literally cruise on and off carriers. The whole procedure involves great precision, while the Super Servant 4 is submerged to a draft that is required by the yachts.

The Rhenus Waalhaven Terminal is suitable for mobilizations and demobilizations, reeling of cables, limited jacking of light jack-up vessels and long-term laybys. The Rhenus Deep Sea Terminal offers the same services as the Waalhaven terminal but has the advantage of a deep draught and a heavy bearing floor suitable for offshore wind and decom projects. Both our terminals are centrally located in Rotterdam. The Rhenus Deep Sea Terminal is closely located to the North Sea, whereas our Rhenus Waalhaven Terminal is a perfect service terminal for the offshore industry.


Stefan Venema
Head of Maritime & Agencies

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