Wagenborg Nedlift heavy lift project Lyondell/Basell

At this picture you can see the red and brand new truck of Buchen-ICS removing 5000 liter of contaminated anti-freeze (Glycol) from a heavy lift piece, part of a new industrial exhaust cooling system at LyondellBasell’s Rotterdam plant.

The heavy lift cargoes weighing more than 150mt were discharged at our terminal by SAL’s MV Regine own heavy lift cranes. All other pieces were discharged with Rhenus cranes.

Wagenborg Nedlift was responsible for the project logistics of amongst others the 290 mt heavy and 35 meter long heavy lift piece using a SPMT ex-quay to place of rest at the terminal and in the weekend the onward transport of the pieces to the LyondellBasell site down the road. The machinery is part of a major investment by LyondellBasell/Covestra. Please find more information here.

Buchen-ICS in Rotterdam is part of Remondis, which is the sister company of Rhenus Logistics. Remondis is one of the world's largest recycling, service and water companies. With over 30.000 employees and around 800 business locations on 4 continents, the group serves more than 30 million people and many thousands of companies. The highest levels of quality. Working for the future. Remondis is our general waste handler at our terminals but here daughter companies are also active in highly specialized industrial cleaning activities.

Together with Remondis and Buchen-ICS, Rhenus offers added value to project forwarders and project logistics like heavy lifting, covered and open storage for your project cargoes, cleaning, mobilization and demobilization works. 

Please contact us at sales@nl.rhenus.com when you want to know more about this project and our services.


Arnold Oostrijk
Sales Manager breakbulk & project cargo

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