Safety Rhenus Logistics

The Rhenus Group makes employee safety its top priority. All the Rhenus business sites aim to provide well-founded work and health environments. For this purpose, we factor in and manage the risks that have been identified within our corporate policy and our company goals.

Our central occupational health and safety organisation supports the individual business sites in fulfilling the statutory requirements on safety and health protection. All the business sites can prove that they comply with their obligation to organise their operations and business processes in line with health and safety requirements. A central department manages the complete health and safety work within the Rhenus Group and it supports our business sites with regard to all the relevant issues. An emergency coordinator is appointed within the organisation and he or she can be reached round the clock by all managers and employees.

We assess the risks to employees and derive the necessary measures from this process: we pay attention to the correct clothing, fire protection, safety markings, noise, light and room temperatures. We analyse work stations with screens. Our carefully selected company medical officers provide us with valuable information to offer even better health and safety at work. We are OHSAS 18001 certified.


Rhenus Port Logistics Rotterdam (legal name: Rhenus Logistics B.V.) operates in line with the rules of the ISPS code and AEO for port facility security. Our CCTV and Rhenus in-house security service ensures that a safe working environment is guaranteed.

To ensure a safe and efficient check-in for our visitors, please follow the instructions.

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Registration form

Click here for our security regulations in the English language.
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Click here for our Port Security certificate of our Deep Sea terminal.
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Permit to work

In order to be able to conduct any activity at the terminals of Rhenus Port Logistics Rotterdam one needs permission to do so. You will be granted permission when you download the form ‘Permit to work’, complete the form and return it to

The goal of this procedure is to guarantee you and our employees a safe working environment.

Click here for the permit to work form in the English language.
Click here for the permit to work form in the Dutch language.